Ruedi Sieber

Ruedi Sieber is a Swiss-Colombian young entrepreneur born in New York. With over 10 years of experience in real estate today is the founding president of Sieber International, a real estate company specializing in the sale and rental of luxury properties, with offices in Miami, New York, Caracas, Lima, Buenos Aires , Milan and Moscow.

He graduated from Switzerland's prestiegous St.Gallen University with a degree in Economics and a subsequently obtained a triple major in Finance, Business and International Banking from Florida International University. He continued to supplement his international education with periods of study in Toulouse (France), Montreal, and Washington DC before commencing his career in Real Estate.

Having lived in several countries, is fluent in German, Swiss-German, Spanish, English, and has skills in French. His experience allows him to understandmulticultural cross-cultural complexities as well as a better communication and business management.

Despite the large estate crisis of recent years, Ruedi Sieber has continued to invest in the business, and is today considered one of the best agents for the category. Having understood the needs of clients from different countries, turned in Sieber International, as its main objective, the service continues to providepersonalized advice, ensuring reliability, security, and comfort, making foreign investment in local experience. Ruedi is at ease transacting business with individual and institutional investors in any part of the world, from Argentina to Abu Dhabi. He serves a network of brokers in Russia, Switzerland, Milan, Mexico and across Latin America. A consummate closer, Sieber gained significant recognition for his entrepreneurial drive and team leadership abilities. His executive team members oversee all sales and marketing operations in Miami and New York. Continuously scouting for new opportunities for his clients, Ruedi consistently exceeds his clients expectations.

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